Speaking of rust junking, in our diurnal life, the most common is chemical rust junking, and chemical rust junking is simply a system of sharing in pickling, making it chemically reply with rust and changing its rust composition into chlorination. Iron or iron sulfate, in order to achieve the purpose of rust junking, inorganic acid and organic acid are generally used as rust junking accoutrements, so it’s generally called pickling. Still, we all know that chemical rust junking is particularly time- consuming and labor-ferocious, but this problem is fully a minor problem in the face of ultramodern technology. Only a hand held laser cleaner is demanded.


Utmost of the ray rust junking machines on the request currently are large standard machines, and this large fiber ray cleanser isn’t accessible to carry and move, similar as some places that need high- altitude rust junking or small spaces. This standard The ray derusting machine is inconvenient to use. Because it can not enter a small space, and if we use a handheld ray rust junking tool that can be carried by a handheld rust junking ray machine, also we can enter a small space to clean up some products. Now the most popular is a pack- style handheld ray cleanser. It’s easy to carry and can be carried on the body like a pack. We’ll also equip a wallet outdoors. It can be fluently moved when traveling. The stairwell can also be moved by hand, and the box is equipped with a defensive device, which can effectively avoid the collision of the ray derusting outfit during transportation. With this handheld ray rust junking machine, we can clean all kinds of contaminations in colorful corners more accessibly.

The principle of handheld ray rust junking tool

The handheld ray drawing machine, as a new generation of high-tech products for artificial face cleaning, has played an important part in rust junking. Handheld ray rust junking tools are all hand- held operations, and can also be equipped with tooling to realize automatic rust junking. The working principle of the handheld rust junking ray machine is to irradiate the face of the work piece with high- frequence and high- energy ray beats. The coating sub caste can incontinently absorb the focused ray energy to make The canvas stains, rust spots or coatings on the face dematerialize or peel off incontinently, which can effectively remove the face attachments or face coatings at a high speed. The ray palpitation with a short action time won’t damage the essence substrate under applicable parameters.

The hand held laser cleaner can break the problems that traditional rust junking can’t break. Indeed the irregular-structured corridor, the handheld rust junking ray machine can also perform rust junking operations on the work piece. It uses the reflectivity of the essence to cover the light. The work piece won’t be damaged, the work effectiveness is also relatively high, and the rust on the face can be hulled off with a reach. Simply put, wherever the ray can be irradiated, the rust, canvas stains, makeup sub caste, oxide sub caste, etc. on the work piece can be removed.

handheld rust junking ray machine has the advantages of high effectiveness, speed, low cost, etc. It has a small thermal and mechanical cargo on the substrate and doesn’t damage the substrate. The cleaning process is easy to realize robotization, realize long- distance remote control operation and can be used for large-scale ray descaling. The handheld rust junking ray machine requires a ray and corresponding supporting outfit. Although the price is high and the one- time investment is large, the conservation cost is nearly no water, and it can be used for a long time.