You can also access the business version using WhatsApp web. Launched in 2018 with a myriad of custom features, the app turned out to be incredibly useful to entrepreneurs. In this guide, we will learn how to create a WhatsApp business account. First, let’s see how WhatsApp Business is helping businesses worldwide. Download this business tool if you don’t want to spend time manually deleting old files off of WhatsApp. Cleanup makes cleaning up WhatsApp Business easy — you can select multiple files at once and quickly delete old images, videos, audio files, notes and profile pictures.

How will you use WhatsApp for business?

When using Whatsapp business have it in mind that your ultimate goal is to effectively engage with your customers. You can set up automated messages, and quick Replies to help you respond quickly to customers’ inquiries whenever you aren’t available.

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Users can private message each other, share files, images, videos, and documents, and stay connected. Today several companies have adopted this idea, and are using Whatsapp business to provide personalized customer service to their customers. A study states that 90% of global consumers prefer to stay connected to companies that offer them more personalized service than companies that don’t. Customers naturally like the personal touch from businesses, and messaging apps enable companies to give customers personal attention.

From there, you can create up to 50 unique replies that you can access via keyboard shortcuts. Quick replies are a great way to take some of the work out of addressing those frequently asked questions, like “when are you open? For brands that use WhatsApp to engage with customers, there are a number of clear benefits. Today, millions of brands are using WhatsApp Business to build personal connections with consumers at scale.

Like I said before, to track your engagement and response rate you can do it manually or through WhatsApp business API automation or a third-party tool. WhatsApp Business API is a direct integration that allows businesses to use WhatsApp go messaging.