On the same application, you can have two accounts. Our active status can be hidden. A very advanced function that saves us time and energy is sharing file sizes and multiple photographs at the same time. Passwords can be applied to chats that we don’t want to appear on our main WhatsApp screen. To have more features, gbwhatsapp download is the best option.

Messages and chats can be hidden. Both sides have the ability to remove texts. The most important feature is the ability to download other people’s statuses; we can also download our preferred statuses. Those who we don’t want to see our last seen can be excluded on a case-by-case basis. One can also develop, create, and alter the theme, as well as publish longer video statuses.

The status can be copied. Longer voice clips can be sent. It’s possible to change the typing and recording status. Emojis, stickers, and a variety of GIFs are all available in multiple collections. You can also use another app to watch WhatsApp videos. It also provides a guarantee of a privacy policy, in addition to all the other advantages.

GBWA protects the user’s personal information from being leaked and used to commit fraud. IP addresses, the service from which the internet is delivered, link counts, and other sorts of log files are used to administer the website, monitor people’s activity, and track multiple users. And none of this information has been disclosed. It also adheres to the CCPA and GDPR’s privacy rights.

The following are the features of the latest version of Whatsapp in GB:

  • Allows you to copy and download the current status.
  • Voice messages up to 100MB in size can be transmitted.
  • Supports video files up to 50 MB in size.
  • Supports up to 90 images at a time.
  • Deleted messages are visible.
  • Select contacts can have their active status turned off.
  • A status video might last up to seven minutes.
  • The recording and active status can both be hidden.
  • The maximum number of status traits is 255.
  • Auto-reply is supported.
  • It is possible to enable passwords.
  • It is possible to pin more than three contacts.
  • Login information is available.

What is the best way to backup GBWhatsApp?

Go to the settings menu in GBWhatsapp. To store your chats and data, select back up. It will also have the option of backing up after a certain number of times. You have the option of selecting how many times you wish to back up. After that time, it will backup automatically.

To save your chats and files, you must make a backup of your data.

Uninstall your current WhatsApp app and install GB WhatsApp instead.

In your phone’s settings, enable the possibility to download from unknown sources. After gbwhatsapp download, you will be easy to operate many functions.