The weather of valleys is synonymous with extremes of temperatures. In summer time those places are pretty hot, in winter bitterly cold. The following is a brief description of this form of climate.

Valleys report extremes of temperatures in summer time and winter. The extra deep a valley is ,the more the fluctuation of temperature. This method that the valleys which might be surrounded via very excessive mountains are liable to very huge changes in temperature. The standard station of special interest each for excursion makers and meteorologists is the sector famous Gilgit Valley in Northern Areas of Pakistan placed not far far from the Shin NEELUM VALLEY door Pass, the centre of Annual Polo Festival. It is surprising to notice that even though it has a excessive range of approximately 36 ranges North, and an elevation of approximately 5000 feet above sea stage but nevertheless temperatures as much as 113 F (45 C) are not unusual. During the night however the temperature falls to 60 F (16 C), a fall of 31 levels Celsius! This is due to the fact Gilgit is surrounded by means of very high mountains which reach in top up to 20,000 ft. At night when the sky is obvious, the surfaces of the mountains will become a great deal cooler due to re radiation of warmth to the atmosphere which they’ve absorbed during the day. As the floor turns into cooler and cooler throughout the night, the air touching the slopes will become very bloodless too. It additionally will become dense and heavier compared to the surrounding air. Under the movement of gravity, the bloodless air is pulled down the slopes until it’s far collected within the deep valleys. This wind is the Katabatic wind, commonly referred to as the mountain wind. As this wind arrives from mountains situated excessive up, so it is very bloodless and brings down the temperature of the valleys drastically. Hence the nights of the valleys continues to be cool even in mid-summer season. In the day, however, since the valleys are situated at low elevations as compared to the mountains, and those regions have a completely clear surroundings, they grow to be pretty hot through mid-day, specifically when there may be no cool air coming from any side.

In iciness because of equal impact, the valleys file temperatures which might be several tiers under zero and are bitterly cold. It is ordinary for Gilgit to document temperatures up to 20 F in winter.