Concrete stain can transform your old drab gray concrete driveway, patio or sidewalk into a great new look. Concrete stain provides a look that you can be proud of and one that enhances the value of your home. Concrete stain is a perfect choice to get a new look rather than going to the expense of replacing your old concrete.

As with any project you start, preparation is critical if you Cincinnati Concrete want great results. This holds true with concrete stain and is probably the most important step in the process of using concrete stain to change the appearance of your drab concrete. Preparing your old concrete for a new concrete stain is a relatively easy process, even for a novice.

In preparation to applying a concrete stain, you first need to insure that you have all other surfaces and plants protected so that the spray will not harm them. You can use plastic sheeting in this step of the concrete stain process.

Once you have your protection in place, especially protecting your plants from the acid stain, you will then be ready to clean the concrete surface so that you can apply the concrete stain. All of the loose dirt and debris can be swept up and discarded. If you have any concrete sealer, paint, wax, oil and other such chemicals on your concrete, you have to remove this as well. In many cases, a soapy detergent with a pressure washer or scrub brush will do the trick. As for the concrete sealer and wax, you may need to use a stripper product in order to remove it from your concrete.

You do not want to acid wash your concrete as this can kill and remove necessary reactants in the concrete and the concrete then may not accept the concrete stain. To test your concrete to see if it is clean and ready to accept the concrete stain, you can apply water to the concrete. If the concrete absorbs the water, then it is ready for the concrete stain. However, should your concrete repel the water or the water beads up, you will need to continue with your concrete cleaning process before applying the concrete stain.

Now you are ready to apply the concrete stain. An exciting new look for your concrete is just a short time away. Watching the concrete stain go down on your freshly cleaned concrete is exciting and the anticipation of the new look is building.