Getting more Instagram followers organically can take some time, but it’s worth the

investment. Organic Instagram growth is essential for businesses, brands and


It can help you boost your brand’s credibility and increase sales. It can also lead to a

more engaged audience. But, how can you grow your Instagram following quickly?


Create a unique hashtag for your brand

Creating a unique hashtag is an excellent way to increase your brand’s visibility on

Instagram. You can use the hashtag to promote a specific marketing campaign or

encourage your followers to interact with your content. Hashtags also help you hop

on trending topics and join conversations with other users. If possible, try to create a

catchphrase that incorporates your company name and/or product’s name. This will

be easier for people to remember and will ensure that no one else is using your

hashtag for something different.


A branded hashtag can also be funny or cleverly constructed, making it more

memorable and easier for users to latch onto. You can also add a contest element to

your unique hashtag to boost engagement and attract new followers.

Be sure to search your hashtag on all social media platforms before launching it.

This will make sure that no one is using it for the same thing or for something



Create a unique bio link

Instagram only allows one clickable link in your bio, which can limit your marketing

opportunities. However, there are a number of tools that can allow you to share

multiple links in your bio. They also offer mobile-optimized landing pages and

analytics. These services are particularly useful for influencers and businesses that

want to drive traffic to their website.


These tools can help you build a unique bio link on Instagram that will lead to a

custom page that houses your various links. This will improve user experience and

increase your brand exposure. Then, you can use analytics to determine which links

are attracting the most clicks and which are performing poorly.


For example, if you are a musician, you can include a link in your bio that takes fans

to your music website. You can also add a link to your calendar, so that fans can

keep track of upcoming performances. This is a great way to grow your Instagram

audience and generate more revenue for your business.


Create a unique profile picture

A great profile picture shows the world what you stand for and is an essential part of

building your brand on Instagram. It should be clear, high-quality, and recognizable

on mobile screens. It is also important to mind where you place your bio link. Make

sure it is pointing to valuable content, rather than your website homepage.

Using a creative edit, such as emojis, to create your profile photo is another way to

grab attention. Aside from the aesthetic, this is a good idea because it will help you

engage with your audience more.For more info, do visit this websitesocialmarketing90.


Adding an Instagram business account gives you access to analytics that show the

best times of day and week for your audience. This information can be used to

optimize your posting schedule. You can also use a link tree app to add multiple links

that lead to value-add destinations like blog posts, promo codes, or landing pages.

This can help you increase traffic and followers on Instagram.


Create a compelling call-to-action

The Instagram algorithm favors posts that are engaging with followers. This means

that your followers will see more of your content if they engage with it by

commenting on your posts, interacting with your stories, watching your reels, or

searching for your account. This is why it’s so important to create a compelling callto-

action on your Instagram post and story.

Using an Instagram call-to-action in your ads, profile, grid posts, and stories can

make the difference between turning followers into customers and collecting people

who sit idly by. You can use the standard “Swipe up” CTA on your ads and stories,

but you should also try to be creative with your calls-to-action.


Try to incorporate vernacular and a sense of urgency in your CTA. This will help you

connect with your audience and build anticipation for an upcoming launch or

release. For example, you can ask your followers to “comment if you want X tips” or

“save this video for later”. You can also link out to an email newsletter or free

downloadable resource in your Instagram posts and stories.