As a discount mineral and gemstone merchant, I manage a few stone retailers who are continuously searching for ways of driving deals of trinket things. All things considered, while they might see a decent amount of serious gatherers, most retailers in this industry say the heft of their business comes from selling enormous amounts of modest gifts.

Contingent upon where your stone shop is found, the amount of room you possess for shows, and the segment your store draws in, you might discover a portion of these keepsake thoughts supportive. They have been accumulated from my dealings with retailers who are likewise occupied with selling rocks and minerals, and the items referenced underneath are all suitable at discount costs from Pikes Pinnacle Rock.

Normal Gemstone Blend Tumbled Stone – this is a #1 among pretty much every retail location selling trinket things. At times the containers are printed with the name of a close by fascination, which makes them considerably more alluring as gift thoughts. A reasonable Lucite box is loaded up with 36 scaled down cleaned gemstones and a little depiction vehicle.

All Normal Stone Blend – like the gemstone blend referenced New York Souvenirs over, this blend is estimated in 2.5 lb. augments and bundled in packs. Stones like Rose Quartz, Jasper, Amethyst and Sodalite are incorporated.

Softened cowhide Drawstring Packs – when these colorful sacks are printed with the name of a close by fascination, for example, “Pikes Pinnacle”, they become a moment number one for your keepsake shop. Most retailers show the packs right close to a determination of regular cleaned stones.

Key rings and Magnets – produced using normal stone, geode cuts, or cleaned geodes, grouped stone magnets and key rings make extraordinary keepsake thoughts, particularly in the event that your store is situated close to a geographical site.

Cut Stone Neckbands – a complete bundle, which remembers 72 bits of cut gemstone pendants for a turning stand, is the ideal method for producing “drive deals” at the register.

These discount trinkets make a great expansion to your stone shop’s stock.

Jeff Pranchak is Chief of Pikes Pinnacle Rock Shop who goes all over the planet to mines and processing plants. Pikes Pinnacle Rock Shop discount stock incorporates Fossils, Pearls, Keepsakes, Rocks, Minerals, Precious stones items that are ideal for retailers, air terminal and public park gift shops, concessions, new age and science/nature shops and traveler objections. Come investigate and search around at