Most new and experienced coaches think in terms of hourly rates and work from there. Hourly rates make you less attractive to buyers and make it harder to sell your services. I’ll show you how to price your coaching services according to client value. Coaching looks at executives as people and professionals to help them grow as leaders. The best professional coaches offer executives a transformative experience — particularly in programs that pair executive coaching services with advanced executive education.

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You can up your coaching skills with tips, techniques, resources, practice, and reflection. Reach out to us at if you are interested in a coaching training program or workshop. We conducted a field experiment to examine the relative effectiveness of coaching. For this purpose, we designed several interventions aimed at reducing procrastination, as this topic is relevant in academic and organizational contexts. Even in the general population, procrastination is a common phenomenon with prevalence rates of 20 to 25% (Ferrari et al., 2007). To overcome procrastination and time management problems in academic or workplace settings, training (Claessens et al., 2007) and coaching (e.g., Karas and Spada, 2009; Schmidt and Thamm, 2008, Unpublished) interventions are commonly used.

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A bootcamp, workshop, or even program of coaching sessions can help quickly. Our favorite action-oriented Leadership training and coaching “toolkit” style book on this topic is The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier.

If you already provide coaching internally, you can integrate your existing provision into our platform, giving you complete oversight on delivery, allowing you to easily measure the impact of coaching in your organisation. Enable leaders at any level to develop the skills and behaviours they need to lead with emotional intelligence, integrity and confidence. Marisa Peer has been helping people build exciting careers in hypnotherapy with RTT®. No previous experience is necessary to start training, so download the free prospectus today. Down-selling is a way to offer more budget-friendly alternatives to potential clients.

Executive coaching sessions give you the space to air ideas and struggles and then receive feedback. This can be extremely valuable when you’re trying to make a difficult decision, whether it’s moving forward with a new endeavor or handling a conflict between employees. A good coach can talk you through possibilities, then provide valuable insights to help address the current situation and learn from it to make more confident decisions. Many of the female leaders within this study found their relationship to conflict interesting and coaching enabled them to explore the topic. Some leaders were comfortable with conflict and others felt that it was an area of concern and one they needed more learning in. During coaching, many of the participants discovered that conflict was something they were avoiding.